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February 25, 2015
Advanced Health Directive (AHD)

By Aaron Kitson

If you were unable to make decisions about or communicate your wishes concerning what treatments you may or may not wish to receive, how would you let others know your treatment decisions?

If you do not have an AHD and you are unable to make decisions about your treatment options then these decisions will be made for you and those decisions made for you may not be in accordance with your wishes, values or beliefs.

This is when an AHD would assist you.

An AHD is a legal document that allows you to provide or withhold consent for specific health care, surgical, medical, dental treatment or procedures including life-sustaining measures and palliative care and can be prepared in consultation with your doctor.

Preparing an AHD can ensure that your religious beliefs and/or personal values are upheld.

An AHD also helps to remove the burden of having your family or loved ones make life and death or other difficult medical or health-care decisions for you when you are unable to make such decisions for yourself.

An AHD is only effective when you have lost the capacity to make treatment decisions for yourself.

We are able to take instructions to prepare an AHD from anyone over the age of eighteen years who also has full legal capacity.

If you wish to instruct that we prepare your AHD, please contact Aaron Kitson of LBH on